Morgan Perrin is a Paralympian, a professional speaker, and a coach. Morgan Perrin was born a quadruple amputee, and  from a young age understood the importance of overcoming  obstacles, immediately approaching life with the mantra of “No Hands, No Feet, No Problem”. Morgan has always had a keen passion for adrenaline sport, and at age 13 started ski racing.    

Morgan Perrin started as a professional ski racer at the age of 18, progressing up to a role on the Canadian Paralympic Ski Team. He was an athlete on the team until 2013 when he retired. During this time, he represented Canada in the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, 2 World Championships, 8 World cup tours, and 8 World Cup finals. Through his athletic career, he developed a keen interest in team dynamics and the importance of mental strength in additional to athletic ability. The importance of goals, focused actions and planning became a topic of interest and once retired, an evident area of opportunity for Morgan’s next career. In 2015, Perrin completed the University of British Columbia’s Certificate of Organizational Coaching. This certificate program combines theoretical knowledge with practical implementation to train participants to be able to guide both individuals, groups, and teams to overcome obstacles and reach their desired goals.

Perrin launched Morgan Perrin Organizational Coaching Inc. in 2015 to provide coaching services to teams, individuals, and goups. This business endeavour combines Perrin’s passion for achieving excellence with his ability to speak with others. His practice’s philosophy is based on being the co-pilot of the coaching partnership creating an opportunity for individuals to take a proactive driving role towards the accomplishment of goals that they set out for themselves.  With an elite athletic background, wealth of personal experiences and approachable nature, Perrin holds the unique ability to engage in the ultimate partnership of remapping personal and team geography.